The Characters add-on is where users will store the characters of their stories. This add-on will use Campfire Pro’s Characters View as inspiration, but will improve upon it in various ways.

A panel structure will be used, where panels store information and can be added, removed, relocated, resized, hidden, and shown. Furthermore, panel layouts can be saved and loaded to easily change the way information is presented for each character. There will be multiple types of panels (text, image, statistics, etc).

The sidebar of the Characters add-on will allow characters to be organized in a nested folder structure. The sidebar offer search and filter functionality by nearly any field – name, gender, personality trait, birth location, statistic, and many more.

A simple representation of the Characters add-on.

Additional Features

  • All characters can be exported to PDF, Word, and TXT (plain text) documents.
  • Characters can be individually shared with other Blaze users (without having to share your entire Story)
  • Characters can be duplicated
  • Characters can be linked with information from other add-ons (i.e. birth Location, current Location, Timeline Events)
  • Real-time collaboration with other users
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