The Timeline add-on is where you will map out the chronological progression of your stories. This add-on will be a complete redesign of Campfire Pro’s Timeline View, adding a bit more structure.

The Timeline’s purpose is to contain your story Events. These Events are placed horizontally according to when they take place, and vertically according to the plotline they belong to. Plotlines can be used in many different ways; for example, you could divide your Events into the plotlines “Main Plot” and “Subplot”, or perhaps by character. It’s up to you! Each Event has a customizable description, character list, location list, and much more.

Finally, the Timeline will be filterable to show only the Events that match a set of criteria. For example, you could filter by a given character, location, or a line of description. This will allow for quick navigation through your story!

A simple representation of the Timeline add-on.

Additional Features

  • Customizable time units (maybe 1 year = 350 days in the world of your story instead of 365)
  • The Timeline can be exported to PDF, Word, and TXT (plain text) documents.
  • Events can be duplicated
  • Events can be linked with information from other add-ons (i.e. birth Location, current Location, Timeline Events)
  • Real-time collaboration with other users
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