Thank You

Campfire Blaze has just completed funding! 378 backers pledged $37,141 to help us create the greatest writing software in the world, and we are beyond excited to bring it to you. We couldn’t have done it without this amazing community’s support, so thank you one and all.

Stretch Goals

Though we set out to raise $10,000 we blew that number out of the water and hit three of our stretch goals along the way. You unlocked:

  • 5 new themes coming to Campfire Blaze (Crime, Western, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, and Historic)
  • A new Campfire Pro update focused on revamping the UI for the Character and Timeline Views
  • A new Blaze add-on to be chosen by the community in the coming days

Campfire Blaze

As a reminder, we intend to release Campfire Blaze by October 2020 at the very latest. We are hoping to open up the beta April 2020.

The Future of Campfire Pro

As promised with our second stretch goal, we are bringing a free UI update coming in October/November to Campfire Pro. We are going to focus improvements on the Character and Timeline Views.

We will also be releasing the Worldbuilding Pack at the same time. The Worldbuilding Pack is a paid expansion pack coming to Campfire Pro offering Species, Cultures, Languages, Occupations, Religions, Philosophies, Governments, Organizations, Militaries, Economies, Magic Systems, and Items. Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like…

Keep an eye out for more information such as release dates and pricing (it will be a one-time payment, of course) for the Campfire Pro Worldbuilding Pack.

Thank you all again for your incredible support over the last thirty days! We are so grateful to have such an amazing community! If you haven’t already, we’d love to chat with you over on our Discord: And be sure to keep an eye on those inboxes over the next week or so if you’re expecting rewards from your support on the Kickstarter!