The Story of Campfire Technology

This is what our logo used to look like. Can you believe it?

Chapter One: Getting Started

During the summer of 2018, rising Northeastern University sophomore Jason Louro decided to write a screenplay. He searched for a writing software that could help him plan out his story. Unsatisfied with the options available, Jason created his own creative writing software and founded Campfire Technology.

Sadly, he never wrote the screenplay, finding that it was far more fun to develop Campfire.

Chapter Two: Campfire Pro

Jason crafted Campfire Technology’s first product, Campfire Pro, over the course of about two months. During that time, he also created the company website and registered his business. On October 1, 2018, Campfire Pro launched and made exactly 3 sales. It wasn’t looking too good! However, Jason continued to work on the software and market it as best he could. He recruited his friend Jeremy to help market the software and manage finances.

Later in October, a young man from Tennessee reached out to Jason, and the two began to chat about Campfire. The man’s name was Jackson, and he went on to help Jason with marketing Campfire Pro. With his help, the company was able to land a sponsorship with Overly Sarcastic Productions on November 16. This video drove thousands and thousands of users to the Campfire website, and enough of them purchased to rejuvenate and inspire the three-man Campfire team. Throughout the rest of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Campfire continued to steadily grow thanks to an active community, updates with new features, and more YouTube sponsorships. Three more members of the team were brought on: Peter Kelley to help with customer support, Sarah Soltes for her design skills, and Alex Holcomb to manage social media. Suddenly there were six of us, and Campfire Technology had grown into a more complex and powerful operation.

Sometime in the beginning of 2019, Jason had the idea for a new version of Campfire that would improve upon Pro and add new features like collaboration and a word processor. He coined his idea Campfire Blaze…

Campfire Pro’s Timeline has changed quite a bit over the software’s existence…

Chapter Three: Campfire Blaze

Once Jason had the idea for Blaze, he began making preparations while continuing to work on updates for Campfire Pro. He began to be more active in the budding Campfire community thanks to the new Discord server that Jackson pioneered, which allowed him to collect more feedback about what users wanted out of writing software. Jason also recruited Jaewon Yang, a talented computer programmer who attends Northeastern University as well, to lead the development of Campfire Blaze. Once this was in place, Jason began to work with Sarah to design how Blaze would look and feel. Finally, Jason secured a co-op with Northeastern, which essentially allows him to work on Campfire Blaze full time for six months, without having to take classes.

Campfire Blaze’s Kickstarter campaign raised over $37,000 in 30 days, demonstrating everyone’s faith in the project. The campaign concluded on September 14, 2019.

Designs for Campfire Blaze

Chapter Four: Today

Over the next year, Jason and Jaewon will work to make Campfire Blaze a reality. We aim for it to be the best writing software in the world when it launches. In the meantime, Jason will also be working on an extension pack to Campfire Pro that will add a range of worldbuilding features. This will serve as a nice offering to our Pro users, and will allow us to test-run certain features so that they can be perfected in Blaze.

The future looks bright, but much hinges upon our ability to develop Blaze. We think we can do it. And we hope you do too!