Everything you need to tell stories

In a unified, collaborative space

Design your story from initial concept to final draft in one cohesive space. From character creation to worldbuilding to plotting, Campfire Blaze will have the tools to help.

Unleash Your Imagination

Store characters, worlds, and your manuscripts in the cloud. Share them with others for easy collaboration. Write your story, and export it easily to e-book formats.

Character Development

Plot Design


Manuscript Editor


Blaze’s Architecture

Campfire Blaze will be composed of a variety of interwoven components, which we call modules. Each module is optional, and you only pay for the modules you use. A few examples of modules are the Characters, Timeline, and Maps modules.


This is Blaze’s biggest priority. All add-ons must be completely interconnected. Here are some great examples of Blaze’s cohesiveness:

  • Link characters to the events they play a role in
  • Link events to the locations they take place in
  • Tag a location as a character’s birth location or place of current residence
  • Link languages to the locations in which they are spoken
  • Link magic systems to the characters who can use them

However, the most powerful example of cohesiveness in Campfire Blaze is the Character Arcs add-on. It looks like this:


Modules are purchased individually. Only pay for the ones you need! Furthermore, each module can be used in four ways:

Why Pre-Order?

By pre-ordering now, you have access to some great deals that won’t be available at launch. Plus, you’ll be supporting the development of the project! Here are the exclusive deals available now:

  • Wildfire ($300 = Best Deal!) – 1 copy of Campfire Pro and a lifetime subscription to all Blaze modules, including additions that come after launch
  • Bonfire ($150) – 1 copy of Campfire Pro and 4 lifetime module purchases in Blaze
  • Flames ($40): $14 in savings on 6-month subscription to Blaze

In addition to these opportunities, all Campfire Pro users at the time of Blaze’s launch will receive a free 3-month subscription to Blaze.

Purchase Wildfire
Purchase Bonfire
Purchase Flames


Blaze is planned for release in summer/fall 2020. To keep up to date on recent progress, check out Blaze’s progress page!

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