Campfire Blaze

The Team

Jason Louro

Our founder and CEO, Jason Louro, is a student at Northeastern University. He’s a programmer who also studies philosophy and dabbles in filmmaking. It’s up to him to lead the Campfire Blaze project.

Jackson Dickert

Jackson Dickert is a partner at Campfire Technology and is in charge of marketing. He’s also a student at the University of Tennessee. His responsibility for Blaze is putting it in front of as many writers as possible.

Jaewon Yang

Jaewon Yang is the lead developer of Campfire Blaze. Like Jason, he attends Northeastern University in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science. He’s also from California.

Sarah Soltes

Sarah Soltes is Campfire Technology’s lead designer. She also has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from Northeastern University. Sarah designs all of Blaze’s add-ons and themes.