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FUNDED: Campfire Blaze Kickstarter Raises Over $35,000

Thank You Campfire Blaze has just completed funding! 378 backers pledged $37,141 to help us create the greatest writing software in the world, and we are beyond excited to bring it to you. We couldn't have done it without this amazing community's support, so thank you one and all. Stretch Goals Though we set out to raise $10,000 we blew that number out of the water and hit three of our stretch goals along the way. You unlocked: 5 new themes coming to Campfire Blaze (Crime, Western, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, and Historic) A new Campfire Pro update focused on revamping the UI for the Character and Timeline Views A new Blaze add-on to be chosen by the community in the coming days Campfire Blaze As a reminder, we intend to release Campfire Blaze by October 2020 at the very latest. We are hoping to open up the beta April 2020. The Future of Campfire Pro As promised with our second stretch goal, we are bringing a free UI update coming in October/November to Campfire Pro. We are going to focus improvements on the Character and Timeline Views. We will also be releasing the Worldbuilding Pack at the same time. The Worldbuilding Pack is a paid expansion pack coming to Campfire Pro offering Species, Cultures, Languages, Occupations, Religions, Philosophies, Governments, Organizations, Militaries, Economies, Magic Systems, and Items. Here's a sneak peek of what it will look like... Keep an eye out for more information such as release dates and pricing (it will be a one-time payment, of course) for the Campfire Pro Worldbuilding Pack. Thank you all again for your incredible support over the last thirty days! We are so grateful to have such an amazing community! If you haven't already, we'd love to chat with you over on our Discord: And be sure to keep an eye on those inboxes over the next week or so if you're expecting rewards from your support on the Kickstarter!

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Blaze Add-on Introduction: Novel Writer

The Novel Writer add-on is where you will finally write your story: a smart document editor where all the information you need is at your fingertips. At its core, the Novel Writer will be a document editor, with standard text editing tools like fonts, alignment, text decoration, and more. It will be divided into sections, which can be easily reorganized in the sidebar. Sections can correspond to chapters, scenes, or any other logical subdivision of your story. Furthermore, each section can be linked to one or more Timeline Events, so Blaze will always know what part of the story you're writing. The right-hand sidebar will be the information panel. This will allow you to quickly browse through information from other add-ons (characters, events, locations, etc) as you write. For example, if you forget the eye color of a certain character, or what language is spoken in a location, you could use the information panel to immediately get those answers without interrupting your writing flow. A simple representation of the Novel Writer add-on. Additional Features Rich text editing (fonts, alignment, bold, underline, italics, etc) Export to Word, PDF, and e-book formats Spell and grammar check Word count Fullscreen no-distraction mode Real-time collaboration with other users Learn More About Campfire Blaze

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Blaze Add-on Introduction: Timeline

The Timeline add-on is where you will map out the chronological progression of your stories. This add-on will be a complete redesign of Campfire Pro's Timeline View, adding a bit more structure. The Timeline's purpose is to contain your story Events. These Events are placed horizontally according to when they take place, and vertically according to the plotline they belong to. Plotlines can be used in many different ways; for example, you could divide your Events into the plotlines "Main Plot" and "Subplot", or perhaps by character. It's up to you! Each Event has a customizable description, character list, location list, and much more. Finally, the Timeline will be filterable to show only the Events that match a set of criteria. For example, you could filter by a given character, location, or a line of description. This will allow for quick navigation through your story! A simple representation of the Timeline add-on. Additional Features Customizable time units (maybe 1 year = 350 days in the world of your story instead of 365) The Timeline can be exported to PDF, Word, and TXT (plain text) documents. Events can be duplicated Events can be linked with information from other add-ons (i.e. birth Location, current Location, Timeline Events) Real-time collaboration with other users Learn More About Campfire Blaze

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Blaze Add-on Introduction: Characters

The Characters add-on is where users will store the characters of their stories. This add-on will use Campfire Pro's Characters View as inspiration, but will improve upon it in various ways. A panel structure will be used, where panels store information and can be added, removed, relocated, resized, hidden, and shown. Furthermore, panel layouts can be saved and loaded to easily change the way information is presented for each character. There will be multiple types of panels (text, image, statistics, etc). The sidebar of the Characters add-on will allow characters to be organized in a nested folder structure. The sidebar offer search and filter functionality by nearly any field - name, gender, personality trait, birth location, statistic, and many more. A simple representation of the Characters add-on. Additional Features All characters can be exported to PDF, Word, and TXT (plain text) documents. Characters can be individually shared with other Blaze users (without having to share your entire Story) Characters can be duplicated Characters can be linked with information from other add-ons (i.e. birth Location, current Location, Timeline Events) Real-time collaboration with other users Learn More About Campfire Blaze

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LAUNCHED: Campfire Blaze Kickstarter!

Design your story from initial concept to final draft in one cohesive space. From character creation to worldbuilding to plotting, Campfire Blaze has the tools to help. The Campfire Blaze Kickstarter is live. Check it out now. View Kickstarter

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Campfire Blaze: Kickstarter Announcement

Hello storytellers - it's time for a major reveal regarding Campfire Blaze. Here goes nothing. Overview Campfire Blaze will be a web application that perfects what Pro set out to achieve. It will encompass all of Pro's features, and will add new content like cloud storage, collaboration on stories with friends, and a word processor for novelists. We aim for Blaze to be complete in summer/fall 2020! Blaze will follow an add-on structure. This means that its features are broken up into bundles called add-ons, which are purchased individually. This allows you to only pay for the features you need, offering much more price flexibility. It also gives us the framework to continue to update Blaze with new add-ons over time, based on all of your feedback. Campfire Blaze will have a word processor! Kickstarter We are launching a Kickstarter for Blaze on August 15! It will have a demo video and our designs for what the software will look like in detail, as well as a ton of great deals you can get by donating to the campaign. While we don’t need the Kickstarter money in order to fund Blaze, we thought it would be great to use the platform as a means of tracking the project over time and offering significant discounts to you guys in return for supporting us early in the process. Pricing We have locked down Blaze’s pricing! Here’s a brief description of how it will work: Add-ons are purchased individually. Only pay for the ones you need! Furthermore, each add-on can be used in four ways: FREE: All add-ons can be used for free, but with limited functionality that depends per add-on. For example, if you're not paying for the Characters add-on, you'll be able to create and use 10 characters. This is a per-user limit, not a per-story limit. MONTHLY - Pay for the add-on on a monthly basis, and cancel whenever you don't need it. You'll still be able to view all the work you did in that add-on if you cancel! YEARLY - Get 2 months out of every year free by paying on a yearly basis. LIFETIME - If you know this is an add-on you'll be using for a long time, and can commit to paying 3 years of it up front, then you have it for life. No more recurring costs. Discounts for Pro Users All Campfire Pro users who purchase before Blaze's release will receive 3 months of free access to all of Blaze's add-ons, in addition to any other discounts/deals that are acquired via the Kickstarter.

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