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“​This program has been everything I’ve been looking for without knowing it. When I write my stories and VN’s I have always used one program for flowcharting, one for character development, another for notetaking and somehow try and keep it all together. Between the program in it’s current state and the updates planned through the roadmap this program is worth every penny.”

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“​This is a definite step-up from the bloated and disorganized google doc I was using for all my writing. The overall layout makes finding information simple: If I wanted to find a specific character detail I’d written, I just have to click on the ‘characters’ tab and the relevant character to see everything I’ve written about them. It’s a pretty intuitive system (especially connecting timeline events together), so I rarely had a moment where I wasn’t sure how to do something.”

“​This is exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling with my books. I usually start a book and get too side tracked coming up with backstory and get so far off track I forget where I was headed in the first place. With this I am able to have it all laid out… and as soon as I add a character to the story I am able to go aside write out their whole backstory, characteristics, etc. and get back to actually writing my book. “
“​This is the best software I have found for working on my novel as far as set up is concerned. Getting the maps, timelines, characters all together and then printable in PDF form is great. Looking forward to getting into the Encyclopedia today. Thanks guys for creating a wonderful piece of software.”

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