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Plan your story in one cohesive space

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Everything you need to create interesting characters:

  • Remember every detail
  • Visualize character relationships
  • Visualize character arcs


Interweave your narrative threads with ease:

  • Keep track of multiple Timelines
  • Create story events linked to their characters and locations
  • Visualize character arcs

Basic Worldbuilding

Design the basics of your story’s world:

  • Upload hand-drawn or generated maps
  • Pin locations onto maps and link them to characters and events
  • Use the encyclopedia to build a wiki about your world

Advanced Worldbuilding

With the Worldbuilding Pack, build a cohesive World like never before:

  • Create species and cultures
  • Design entire languages, religions, and philosophies
  • Develop complex magic systems
  • Keep track of important items and artifacts
  • Build governments, economies, and other systems

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Campfire is a killer app. It’s design allows total creativity and let’s me jump around my project any way my scattered imagination flows. Thank you, Jason. I can’t imagine working without it.

Michael K. Hill, Published Author

I have 33 active languages for my 48 nations and 17 nomadic tribes, and 18 dead languages from fallen civilizations. I’m currently using Campfire to create and manage the world I’ll be releasing as an add-on for an RPG system I’m also working on. It’s been about 4 years in development, and Campfire has helped jump-start the process. I’ve made about three times as much progress in the past year as the prior 3 combined.

Lukewarm Yeti

Straight-up, I LOVE this program.
It’s best optimised for LONG-FORM STORYTELLERS or even games with multiple endings.
I am both a visual novel maker and long-form storyteller.
So OBVIOUSLY I love this program.
As a scatterbrain who often switches from a character to the timeline to extra info, etc, this is perfect for working with my thought process without getting disorganised or confused.
The timeline tool is really great, as I have trouble making less visual timelines, and these tools make it super easy to keep the chronology together.
The fact you can link characters to the timeline and then write their character arcs is so smart I can’t even fathom how much I didn’t realise I needed it.

Arc Winchester

Cannot recommend enough.
This is THE writing tool for anyone looking to write a story or plot out a D&D campaign.
While you will have to write the actual story in a document of some kind (Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc), Campfire Pro is there for your worldbuilding, your character bios (you can even insert pictures!), character arcs and relationships. You can put together a timeline (which really helps with pacing and keeping track of separate plot threads), insert maps as pictures and create locations (which you can then place on the maps).
And the devs really paid attention to the little details – when you create a location, you can give the type (galaxy, universe, solar system, planet, continent, country, city, town, landmark, etc), there is a space for the geography of the region, a space for the cultures and religions, the different races, everything – down to the last detail.
There is even an encyclopedia for you to create objects, factions and other stuff.