Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with Campfire Blaze? Are you giving up on Pro?2019-10-10T18:34:13-04:00
Campfire Blaze will be a web-based application that will allow writers to collaborate on stories in real-time. Its featureset is certainly inspired by Campfire Pro, and it will be the “successor” to Campfire Pro in the sense that Pro users will be able to import their work into Blaze seamlessly. However, we’re certainly not going to force anyone to switch to Blaze, and we’ll keep supporting Pro by fixing any bugs that come up. Furthermore, Pro users will receive 3 months of full access to Campfire Blaze – that’s $27 value! So, to summarize, Pro and Blaze will be able to exist simultaneously – those who wish to access more premium features and be able to collaborate with others via the cloud can do so with Blaze, and those who are perfectly happy with Pro’s features and price can remain using Pro.
Can I write my book/screenplay in Campfire Pro?2019-10-10T18:35:45-04:00
Campfire Pro is a planning tool, not a word processor – so you’ll need a program like Word when it comes time to actually write your manuscript.
How secure is the work I do in Campfire Pro?2019-08-01T21:39:48-04:00
All Campfire Stories are saved locally to your computer. We do not have access to your work, and neither does anybody else – it never leaves your computer. The only exception is if you use the Steam version of Campfire Pro and choose to create Stories in the Steam Cloud.
Do I have all the legal rights to the work I produce in Campfire?2019-06-04T01:55:34-04:00
Yes! You own the rights to all work you produce with Campfire.
Who are you?2019-08-01T21:40:37-04:00
We’re a group of young people working together to help people write and share their stories. Read more here.
Is there a Campfire mobile app?2019-08-01T21:37:19-04:00
​Not yet, but it’s a possibility in the future!
Why haven’t I received my license key?2019-11-01T11:56:46-04:00
Please check your inbox and spam for an email from Campfire Technology LLC. If you don’t see it, please contact us and provide your PayPal Transaction ID. We will get you the license key manually.
Where can I get help with technical difficulties?2019-08-01T21:43:03-04:00
The fastest way is to fill out a Bug Report.
What operating systems do you support?2019-10-10T18:29:09-04:00
​Windows and Mac only.
How many computers can I install Campfire on?2019-06-04T01:49:08-04:00
​For the Steam version, you can use as many computers as you like. For the non-steam version, up to two machines can be used.
How do discounts work?2019-06-04T01:48:36-04:00
​If you have a discount code for Campfire you can enter it on our website to receive the discount. Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the discount codes on Steam. We do run specials, both on our website and on Steam from time to time, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!
What are the differences between the Steam and Non-Steam versions of Campfire?2019-06-04T01:48:13-04:00
​Both versions have the same features, but the Steam version comes with some notable advantages. These include: Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud support, automatic updates, and the ability to participate in patch betas.
What is your refund policy?2019-06-04T01:46:02-04:00
​If you buy Campfire from the website you have ten days to return Campfire for a full refund. If you buy Campfire on Steam, you must adhere to their refund policy.