Campfire Pro Features

Character Design

Add characters from within Campfire or import them from Excel or Google Sheets. Flesh them out with backstory, personality traits, physical attributes, and more. Use customizable layouts and rearrange panels as necessary. Export characters to PDF profiles. Create an unlimited amount of characters.

Plot Development

The meat of your story happens here. Add events, and keep track of which characters play a role in them. Scrub around the timeline to see your plot from a bird’s eye view. When necessary, export the timeline as a PDF in a more traditional outline format. Add events with your characters. Add, connect, and resize story events on the Timeline. Export the timeline to a formal PDF outline


Every story needs a properly fleshed out world. Upload any number of maps, then add pins for different locations and add important details like language, culture, and politics. Upload an unlimited amount of maps that depict different parts of your story’s world. Add locations, shared between maps, with important information like language, culture, and politics. Change the type of each map to change how locations are displayed.


In every Story, there’s important information other than characters, events, maps, and locations – Campfire’s Encyclopedia provides a place to store that information. Use it to write out your magic systems, languages, cultures, objects, and more.

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