Adding Maps

What Are Maps?

Maps consist of the following information:

  • Name – The name of the Map.
  • Type – The various map types are World, Continent, Country, Province, City, Town, and Landmark. Make sure to choose the one that most accurately describes your Map, as it will determine how certain Locations are displayed.
  • Image – An uploaded image of any kind of map. It can be hand-drawn, computer-made, or otherwise.
  • Locations – These can be pinned onto Maps. However, these are stored separately from the Maps themselves and as such can be shared between various Maps, or shown on no Maps at all.


Adding a Map

To add a Map, navigate to World -> Add Map, which will bring up the Add Map Window. Choose a name and type, as described above. Then, if you have an image of the map, upload it and input the width you want to display it at, in pixels. If you don’t know what width to use, a good ballpark estimate is 1200 pixels. When you’re done, click Add.


Changing And Deleting Your Map

You can change the image that your Map uses and its width via World -> Set Map Image. Note that you may have to rearrange any pinned Locations to fit the new image and width. You can also change the type of your Map via World -> Change Map Type. To delete your Map, go to World -> Delete Map. Note that this is permanent and cannot be undone, but also that it will not delete the Locations contained within your Map. Those Locations will still be available for use on other Maps.

​Next, you’ll want to learn about Working With Locations.