Applying Filters


What Are Filters?

Filters allow you to show only a certain subset of your Story’s characters. This is particularly useful as your Story grows to have so many characters that you begin to get overwhelmed and find it hard to navigate. With filters, you can define certain criteria based on any of your characters’ information and only show those characters who fit your criteria.

Working With Filters

Navigate to Characters -> Filters. Then, you can add a Filter by clicking on the ‘Add Filter’ button. For each filter you add, you’ll want to choose a field (like ‘First Name’, ‘Relationships’, or ‘Events’), and then specify your desired value. For standard text fields, your options are Exactly Equals or Contains. Exactly Equals will only show those characters whose value for the chosen field is identical to the value you provide. Contains will show any characters whose value for the chosen field contains the value you provide. For example, if you add the filter First Name Exactly Equals Hanna, it will show characters named Hanna but not Hannah. However, if you changed the filter to be First Name Contains Hanna, then both Hanna and Hannah would be displayed.

To delete a filter, just click the Delete button next to it. Finally, once you’ve added your filters, click Apply Filters to apply them.

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