Creating a Story


Licensing Campfire

Once you’ve purchased a copy of Campfire, you will be sent an email confirming your purchase and providing you with a license key. You’ll need this key when you first open Campfire to activate the software. Once you’ve installed the program and opened it, you’ll be greeted by the splash screen asking for the license key. If you haven’t purchased Campfire yet, type TRIAL (all caps) to start your 10-day free trial. You’ll need an internet connection for this! Otherwise, type in your license key from the email. Then, click register and you’re good to go.


Campfire’s Activation Screen

Creating a Story

Now that Campfire has successfully been installed, you’re ready to set up your first story. The splash screen for the licensed version of Campfire is simple, presenting you with two options: New Story and Open Story. Select New Story and you’ll be shown the New Story window, which allows you to input basic starting information about your story. The only two fields that are required here are Name and Author. The rest are optional, and can be filled in later at your own leisure.


The New Story window


Once you click Create, you’ll be prompted to select a location for your Story file. We highly suggest you create a folder just for your Campfire Story, because you will later have images, maps, and other media pertaining to it that should be kept organized near the Story file. Once you’ve done this, hit Ctrl-S (or Cmd-S on Mac) to save your Story. Done! Next you’ll want to take a look at Adding Basic Story Information.