Editing Character Panels


What Are Character Panels?

Each of your characters in Campfire is a compilation of two things: the basic information you specify via the Create Character window, and the more in-depth information you add through character panels. In general, there are two types of panels: text panels and image panels. However, there are exceptions – Campfire comes with a few special types that are described below.

Campfire’s Default Layout

The Default layout automatically loads with new characters, and it adds a variety of useful panels for you to use to flesh out your characters. These are described in detail below:

Name: Contains your character’s first name, located at the top right of the layout. Non-editable.

Image: Image panel that contains your character’s primary image. It’s located justbelow the Name panel.

Basic Info: Contains your character’s name, gender, and age. Located below the Image panel. Non-editable.

Personality Traits: Contains your character’s personality traits, separated by commas. You can add spaces after the commas as well, if you like. Make sure to follow this comma-separated format for personality traits to be saved correctly! Editable.

Physical Attributes: Contains your character’s physical attributes, separated by commas just like with the Personality Traits panel. Editable.

Tags: Contains your character’s tags (keywords associated with the character). The format is comma-separated values, just like the Personality Traits and Physical Attributes panels. Editable.

Backstory: A text panel that stores your character’s backstory. Editable.

Events: Lists all events from the Timeline that your character plays a role in. Non-editable.

Relationships: Lists all relationships that your character has with other characters. Non-editable.

Notes:​ Contains notes about your character. Editable.

Related Encyclopedia Entries: Hidden by default, this panel lists all Encyclopedia Entries that are related to your character. Non-editable.

Editing Panels

For standard text panels, as well as the Personality Traits, Physical Attributes, and Tags panels, you can make changes by simply clicking inside them and typing. For image panels, you can right-click them and select Set Image. Make sure to save your changes with Command-S on Mac and Control-S on Windows! Finally, you can make text bold and italicized using Ctrl + B and Ctrl + I, respectively.

Next, you’ll want to read Working With Layouts to learn how to rearrange your panels, hide the ones you don’t need, and add completely new ones.