Importing & Exporting Locations as LOC Files


About Location Sharing

Using an intermediary LOC file, locations can be shared between various Campfire Stories. However, importing from a LOC file essentially duplicates the location into your Story. It does not preserve the location’s position on maps and the Events that take place there. It also is not updated when you make changes from within Campfire. Make sure you understand this before you start sharing locations between your various Stories.



To export a location as a LOC file, simply select the location you want to export and navigate to World -> Export Location to LOC. Choose a destination for the file and give it a name, and your location will be saved to your computer.



To import a location from a LOC file, go to the World View and navigate to World -> Import Location from LOC. Select the LOC file you want to import, which will add the location to your Campfire Story.