Importing & Exporting Characters as CHAR Files

About Character Sharing

Using an intermediary CHAR file, characters can be shared between various Campfire Stories. However, importing from a CHAR file essentially duplicates the character into your Story. It does not preserve Relationships with other characters or Events that the character plays a role in. It also is not updated when you make changes from within Campfire. Make sure you understand this before you start sharing characters between your various Stories.


To export a character as a CHAR file, simply select the character you want to export and navigate to Characters -> Export Character to CHAR. Choose a location for the file and give it a name, and your character will be saved to that location.


To import a character from a CHAR file, go to the Characters View and navigate to Characters -> Import Character from CHAR. Select the CHAR file you want to import, which will add the Character to your Campfire Story.