Introduction to Characters

What is the Characters View?

Campfire’s Characters view allows you to create, change, and develop your characters. Each character is given a corkboard-style page where you can add panels and move them around in whatever layout fits your needs. And although Campfire comes with a default layout populated by some built-in panels, you can add unlimited custom text or image panels.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Characters

To create a character, go to Characters -> Create Character. Make sure you’re in the Characters view! Once you’ve done this, the Create Character window will appear. Make sure to fill in at least a first name – the rest is optional. This information can be changed at any time via Characters -> Edit Character. Finally, you can permanently remove a character from your Story by selecting it and navigating to Characters -> Delete Character. Note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone!

Working With Groups

Character groups can be added to Campfire using the ‘Add Group’ button in the sidebar of the Characters View. You’ll need a unique name for each group. Groups have two states: collapsed and expanded. The arrow icon next to the group name (visible on hover) changes the state of the group. When a group is collapsed, all characters in the group are hidden in the sidebar and the entire group can be moved up and down in the sidebar. When a group is expanded (this is the default), the characters in the group are visible, and moving the group only moves the group header, not all the characters within it. This is how you change which characters belong to each group.

So, to change the group that a character belongs to, make sure both the starting group and the target group are expanded. Then, drag the character from its current group to the target group.

To move an entire group up or down in the sidebar, collapse the group and then click and drag it to a new location.

​​Next, you’ll want to read about Editing Character Panels.