Introduction to Relationships


What is the Relationships View?

Campfire’s Relationships View provides a far more visual, flexible, and robust way to store character relationships than the relationship functionality in the Characters View. In this view, you can add Relationship Webs, which are compilations of characters and how they relate to each other in a flowchart style. For example, you can build Relationship Webs that represent Family Trees, Friendship/Enemy Webs, and more.

Adding, Selecting, & Deleting Relationship Webs

To add a Relationship Web, just click the Add button in the sidebar. This will add a new web and select it automatically. You can then edit the title and description of the Relationship Web using the title panel at the top of the screen. Just click on the title or description and start typing to edit!

To select a Relationship Web, just click its title in the sidebar.

Finally, to delete a Relationship Web, hover over its title in the sidebar and click the X icon.

Relationships Preferences

If you go to Campfire -> Preferences, you’ll notice a section titled Relationships. In this section, you can set two attributes: Connector Curviness and Default Connector Type. Connector Curviness is a number from 1 to 500. A higher value means the relationship connectors are curvier. The Default Connector Type determines what line type is used when connections are drawn. The options are Solid, Dotted, and Dashed.

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