Working With Color Keys

What Are Color Keys?

Each Relationship Web has a Color Key. The color key is your way of knowing what kind of relationship each color maps to. For example, you might add a color called “Parent-Child” that represents a two-way parent-child relationship. Let’s say you did that and assigned it the color green. Then, you’d know that whenever you draw a green connection between two characters in the Relationship Web, those two characters share a parent-child relationship.


Adding, Selecting, Editing, & Deleting Colors

To add a color, click the Add button in the Color Key at the bottom of the screen. Please note that there is an enforced maximum of 10 colors per color key. Once the color is added, you can set its name by clicking on the name and typing. You can click on the color to change it. To select the color, click on the gray or white box that appears when you hover over it.

Each relationship can be one-way or two-way. To toggle this attribute, click the refresh icon (to the left of the X icon) on the color associated with the relationship. Finally, to delete a color, click the X icon in the Color Key.