Working With Dividers


What Are Dividers?

Dividers mark important moments in your Story. These can be vertical or horizontal. Like Events, Dividers can be dragged around the Timeline. Use Dividers to mark structural elements like “Act 2 Begins” or “Act 3 Climax”.


Adding, Editing, And Deleting Dividers

To add a Divider, go to Timeline -> Draw Divider. Then, place the Divider on the Timeline by clicking on where you want it to go. This will place the Divider. To set the name of a Divider, right-click it and choose Set Name. Finally, to delete a Divider, right-click it and choose Delete Divider.


Moving And Rotating Dividers

To move Dividers, simply click-and-drag them around the Timeline. You can also shift their titles up and down by dragging them. To rotate a Divider by 90 degrees, right-click it and choose Rotate Divider.

Next, you’ll want to learn how to Export the Timeline to PDF.