Working With Entries


What Are Entries?

Encyclopedia Entries contain a set of information (text and images) about a particular topic. Entries can be grouped together by topic or theme – for example, you may have a group called Bestiary that contains one Entry for every mythological creature in your Story.


Adding, Editing, Grouping, And Deleting Entries

To add an Entry, just click the ‘Add’ button in the sidebar. This will create a new Entry in the default group (called Misc), and will display the new Entry in the main window. You can edit the title of your Entry by clicking on it and typing in a new title. Characters, Events, and Locations can be marked as related to the Entry in the Relations panel.

An Entry can be deleted by clicking the ‘X’ button next to it in the sidebar. It can be duplicated by clicking the clipboard icon next to it in the sidebar.


Working with Groups

To move your Entry to a new group, click the ‘Add’ button in the Group panel of the Entry. Type in a name for your new group and click ‘Add’ – you’ll see that your Entry is moved to the new group in the sidebar! Your newly created group will now be available in the Group dropdown box of every Entry. So, to move another Entry to the group, it’s as easy as choosing the group from the dropdown in that Entry’s Group panel.

To delete a group, select it in an Entry’s Group panel and choose ‘Delete’. Keep in mind that this will move all Entries in this group to the Misc group! To rename a group, select it in an Entry’s Group panel and choose ‘Rename’. Then enter a new name for the Group and click ‘Rename’ again.


Adding, Moving, and Deleting Panels

Now that you have your Entry named and organized in its proper group, it’s time to populate it with information. At the bottom of the Entry, you’ll see two buttons – ‘Add Panel’ and ‘Add Image’. Panels are text-only; you can change their title and type information into them. Images have a title also, but display an image instead of a text box. In the text panels, you can make text bold or italicized using Ctrl + B and Ctrl + I.

To move panels, use the up and down arrows on their right side. To delete them, click the ‘X’ button, which is located right next to the arrows.

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