Working With Events


What Are Events?

Events are actions that occur in your Story. They come with the following pieces of information:

  • Name – The name of the Event
  • Color – the border color of the Event
  • Location – The Location where the Event occurs.
  • Temporal Location – A description of where the Event occurs in time. This can be anything from “1982” to “102nd Month of Talamar”.
  • Type – Either Onscreen or Offscreen. Onscreen Events are explicitly written about in your Story, while Offscreen Events are not.
  • Magnitude – Either Major or Minor. Major Events are displayed as larger than Minor Events by default
  • Image – an image associated with the Event. This image can be used as the background of the Event panel if the “Use Image as Event Background” checkbox is ticked.
  • Characters – A list of Characters that play a role in the Event
  • Description – Text that describes what happens in the Event.
  • Custom Fields – Use this section to add custom pieces of information about the Event. For example, a filmmaker could add a field called ‘Shot List’ that stores a list of the shots he wants to get of that scene.


Adding, Editing, And Deleting Events

To add an Event, go to Timeline -> Add Event. Then, place the Event on the Timeline by clicking on where you want it to go. This will place the Event and open the Edit Event window. To edit an Event, select it and navigate to Timeline -> Edit Event. You can then modify any of the fields described in the What Are Events? section above. Finally, to delete one or more Events, make sure they are selected and go to Timeline -> Delete Events. Note that you can access any of these three functions by right-clicking the Timeline or a specific Event.


Moving, Resizing, And Connecting Events

All Events can be moved around by simply clicking and dragging. Multiple Events can be moved together if they are selected by shift-clicking and then dragged. Furthermore, each Event has a resize handle in the bottom right corner that can be dragged to resize the Event.

​To connect two Events with a line, you will need to click on a connection handle of one Event and drag it to the connection handle of another Event. Or, to connect many Events together all at once, select them by shift-clicking and then navigate to Timeline -> Connect Events. To disconnect an Event, left-click the connection.

Event connections can also be styled a bit more. To add a directional arrow to a connection, right-click it and choose ‘Toggle Arrow’. Similarly you can right-click and choose ‘Toggle Line Type’ to alternate between a solid, dotted, or dashed line.


Color-Coding Events

To color-code an Event, just double-click it to open the Edit Event window and then set the ‘Color’ field. This will set the border of the Event to your color of choice, allowing you to easily distinguish between different categories of Events on your Timeline!

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