Working With Layouts


What Are Layouts?

A Layout in Campfire is a named arrangement of character panels. This includes each panel’s position and size, whether each panel is shown or hidden, and whether each panel is locked or unlocked. Layouts are stored at the application level, not the Story level – so you can use the same layout across multiple Stories. Because of this, you will want to give your Layouts general names (think ‘Strengths’ or ‘Weaknesses’) rather than Story-specific names like ‘John Layout’.

Manipulating Panels

To create a new layout, you’ll first want to make edits to whichever one you’re currently working with. Start by moving panels around (just click and drag). Resize them by clicking and dragging the resize handle at the bottom right of each panel. Or, right-click the panel and choose ‘Reposition Panel’ if you want to directly input x, y, width, and height values.

You can hide any panel by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Hide Panel’. Finally, if you wish to show panels that are hidden, navigate to Characters -> Show Hidden Panels and select those you’d like to show. Make sure that you don’t leave the Characters view or select a new Character, as this will reload the current layout before you’ve saved your new one, and so you’ll lose your changes.

Panels can be locked and unlocked by right-clicking and choosing ‘Lock/Unlock Panel’. When a panel is locked, you will not be able to drag or resize that panel.

Adding Custom Panels

We did our best to provide you with just enough default panels for you to get started on your characters. However, we absolutely expect that you’ll want to add your own panels to store new information. To do this, just navigate to Characters -> Add Panel. You’ll want to name your panel and choose a type (Text or Image). Once you’ve added it, you’ll be able to see it at the top right of the Characters view. You can then move and resize it to fit it into your layout.

Saving Your New Layout

Once you’ve moved panels around, resized them, hidden the ones you don’t need, and added new ones that you do need, you’ll have to save your layout so you can use it in the future. To do this, use Characters -> Save Layout As. Or, if you just want to make changes to the layout you’re currently working on, use Characters -> Save Layout. Remember to try and give your layouts general names so they can be used in all of your Campfire Stories.

Switching Between Layouts

Now that you have multiple layouts, you need to know how to switch between them. This is easy – just select a character and navigate to Characters -> Load Layout and select whichever one you need. Campfire remembers which layout you’ve been using with each character, so as you switch between different characters it will automatically switch layouts for you.

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