Working With Locations


What Are Locations?

Locations represent places in your Story’s World. They contain the following information:

  • Name – The name of the Location
  • Type​ – The type of the Location. Make sure to choose the one that most accurately represents the
  • Location, as it will determine how the Location is rendered on different Maps.
  • Linked Map – If this Location has a Map associated with it, specify that here. It will allow for easier navigation through the World section.
  • Colors – The colors associated with the Location. For example, the US has red, white, and blue. Particularly useful for fantasy writers.
  • Symbols – Any symbols associated with the Location. For example, the US has the eagle. Particularly useful for fantasy writers.
  • Races/Ethnicities – A description of the types of people that live in this Location.
  • Language(s) – A description of the language(s) commonly spoken in this Location.
  • Government – A description of the system of government that reigns in this Location.
  • Culture – A description of the culture of this Location.
  • Religion – A description of the religion(s) commonly practiced in this Location.
  • Geography – A description of the geography of this Location.
  • Resources – A description of the resources (natural or otherwise) found in this Location.
  • Weather – A description of the climate and weather of this Location.
  • History – A description of how this Location has changed over time.
  • Custom Fields – Use this space to add custom sections of information, such as ‘Population’.
  • Images – Use this space to add and organize images pertaining to the Location.


Adding, Editing, And Deleting Locations

To add a Location, you first need a Map (see Adding Maps). Once you have a Map, adding a Location is as easy as navigating to World -> Add Location and clicking where you want the Location to be placed. This will open the Edit Location Window, where you can fill out whichever of the above fields are useful to you. Make sure to include a name; the rest is optional. Click Update when you’re done.

​To edit a Location, double-click on it, or select it and go to World -> Edit Location. Finally, to delete a Location, select it and choose World -> Delete Location. This will permanently delete it from all Maps!


Pinning And Unpinning Locations

If you already have a Location that you want to pin to the currently viewed Map, navigate to World -> Pin Pre-Existing Location and select the Location from the options presented to you. To unpin a Location from a Map (this will never delete the Location), select it and go to World -> Unpin Location From Map. You can also use the pin and unpin icons available in the sidebar next to each Location.


Moving Locations

All Locations can be moved around by simply clicking and dragging.

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