Working With Panels

What Are Panels?

In the Character Arcs view of Campfire, each combination of event and character has a set of panels that can be used to store information about how the event affects the character in the story. The built-in panels are Emotional Changes and Physical Changes, but you can add any number of additional panels as needed. These panels are for textual content only – no images!

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Panels

To add a new panel, just click the Add Panel button. This will create a new panel with a default name and contents.

To edit a panel’s contents, just click inside the panel and start typing! You can also edit a panel’s name by clicking on the name and editing it. Note that you cannot edit the names of the two default panels, Emotional Changes and Physical Changes.

To delete a panel, click the X icon that appears when you mouse over the panel. Note that you cannot delete the two default panels.

Finally, to rearrange panels, use the arrow icons that appear when you mouse over them. The Emotional Changes and Physical Changes panels cannot be moved, and will always remain on the far left of the panel list.

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