Working With Relationships

Note: this article applies to the Relationships View of Campfire, not the legacy relationships available in the Characters View.

Adding, Moving, & Deleting Character Panels

In order to add relationships in a Relationship Web, you’ll first have to add character panels to the web. To do this, click the character dropdown toward the top of the screen. Choose the character you want to add and click Add Character. Then, move your mouse to where you want the character to go and click the left mouse button. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to drag and drop the character to a new location at any time. Furthermore, you can move multiple character panels at once by selecting them using Shift + Left Click and then clicking and dragging to move the entire selection. To delete a character panel, right-click it and choose ‘Delete Panel’.

Drawing & Deleting Relationships

To draw a relationship between characters, you’ll want to first select the color that represents the desired relationship. You can do this by clicking the color’s box in the color key. Then, simply click on one of the connector endpoints (these are the boxes on the top, bottom, left, and right of character panels) and drag a connection to the endpoint of another character panel. This will create a connection of the desired color.

To delete a relationship between two characters, left-click it. To change the line type of a relationship, right-click it and choose ‘Toggle Line Type’. The three options are a solid line, a dotted line, and a dashed line.