Working With Relationships


Note: This article refers to the legacy relationships available in the Characters view. We’ve since added the Relationships View, which is a more visual, flexible, and robust tool for character relationship mapping.

What Are Relationships?

Relationships between your characters define how they are interconnected. A character can be related to any number of other characters, and a character can also be related to another in multiple ways. For example, John Smith might be ‘Father’ of Tom Smith, ‘Wife’ of Janice Smith, ‘Teacher’ of Molly Henderson, and ‘Coach’ of Molly Henderson. Relationships are used to quickly and easily visualize how your characters are connected to each other.

One very important thing to remember is that for two-sided relationships, the second side will have to be added separately for the other character. Similarly, it will have to be removed separately for the other character. For example, if you add that John is ‘Friend’ of Billy, Campfire won’t automatically add that Billy is ‘Friend’ of John. Nor will Campfire automatically remove Billy’s Friend-Of-John relationship if John’s Friend-Of-Billy relationship is removed.

Adding Relationships

First, make sure that you have more than one character! Then, to add a relationship, select a character and navigate to Characters -> Add Relationship. The Add Relationship window will appear, and you’ll be asked to complete the following sentence: Character1 is Relationship of Character2, where Character1 is the currently selected character, Relationship is a small piece of text that describes the relationship, and Character2​ is some other character in your story.

Removing Relationships

To remove relationships from a character, select it and then go to Characters -> Delete Relationships. You’ll be greeted by the Delete Relationships window, where you can tick the checkbox for any relationship you wish to remove. When you’re done, click Delete.

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