Working With Themes

Campfire’s Seven Default Themes

Campfire comes loaded with seven themes total. There are five genre themes – Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, and Sci-Fi. The other two themes – Simple Light and Simple Dark – provide an alternative to the background landscape images that you find in the genre themes. Each theme provides a unique atmosphere to help you stay inspired and immersed while using Campfire.

Changing Themes

Changing themes is easy – just navigate to View -> Themes in the main menu and select whichever you like. The theme you use with each Story is saved, so you won’t have to switch every time you work on a different one!

Creating Custom Themes

To create a custom theme, you’ll first have to find your way to Preferences. You can do this via Campfire -> Preferences or View -> Create Theme. Both will take you to the same place. Once you’re there, you’ll see a box with the current theme selected in it. Under that is the ‘Create’ button – click it. This will create a custom theme. Please provide a name for your new Theme, and choose the colors, fonts, and images you’d like to use. Please note that the header and body colors should stand out from the background color and image, so that your text is visible! Note that images are optional, but if you do choose to upload them, Campfire looks for a high-resolution landscape image and a smaller, tileable background image.

Once you’re done creating your new theme, just click ‘Save Theme’ to save your changes. This will save your theme to Campfire, and you’ll be able to use it among all your different Stories!